Dinner Experience

UHUNGRY? has teamed up with Kansas City’s Chef of the Year, Chef Jayaun Smith and guests, and talented craft cocktail Bartender, Bryan Arri, to bring you dynamic vibe-dining experiences.

Each dining experience is unlike the other. Taking place in undisclosed and surprisingly unique locations where you normally wouldn’t eat dinner. Because we like secrecy & the surprise effect, each experience takes place at a different location with a different theme.

Each dinner is inclusive of a custom menu with a prix fixe gourmet meal prepared by Chef Jayaun or guests, perfectly paired with a selection of handcrafted cocktails by, Bryan.

Each theme is intricately woven throughout the menu and atmosphere to push the limits of culinary creativity.

Each course takes the dinner to a new place, visually and metaphorically through sight, sound, smell, and taste.

Each dish is created for our diner to indulge in ingredients they might be familiar with but are presented in new and exciting ways, incorporating your favorite Kansas City Staples.

This is an intimate dining environment meaning only 40-60 people are fortunate enough to get a seat at the table.

You are in for an experience unlike any other!


Chef Jayaun Smith


Bryan Arri