Our Purpose

UHUNGRY? is an innovative cooking app which analyzes the ingredients you have in your home and delivers recipes based off what you have on hand. It also give you the ability to “finesse” a recipe by swapping out the required ingredients for alternatives you may not have thought to use.

UHUNGRY? allows you to be the spontaneous chef you always wanted to be and also save money and food in the process. Rethink your relationship with food.


Partners & Influencers

Chef Jayaun

Bio: A young upcoming head executive celebrity chef in Kansas City, who enjoys bringing his unique experiences to the food he creates. He doesn't hesitate to bring his enthusiasm to the meals we make in the UHUNGRY? kitchen! 



Chef Dwight

Bio: A well-rounded experienced chef that has been deep ties to great Kansas City food through his family owned catering business and food truck. He is excited to bring unique twist to healthy food to UHUNGRY? kitchen!


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